New whitepaper available for download


23rd March 2015 

Whitepaper - Does your company need Business Process Automation?

Joe Hyde (Director at Document Genetics)  writes: "After 25 years of working within the document management industry I’ve seen lots of interesting challenges faced by businesses. Throughout this time, a consistent issue faced by many organisations is how to use the company’s resources in the best possible way and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this topic."

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  New Case Study available for download


16th March 2015 

Shearings Holidays are 'Going Places' with Formate

The case study describes how the UK's number one coach holiday tour operator moved from a manually intensive and expensive process for the production of customer ticket/information packs to a cost effective and automated system that now produces customised ticket and information packs directly from the online reservation system.

To find out more please click HERE to view or download a PDF version of Shearings Holidays case study.


 > Document Genetics help many companies save money and improve efficiency by providing a suite of best-of-breed 

    Business Automation tools for Document Management Systems and Document Management Software.



Document-Genetics-Globe  New infoRouter utility released


9th March 2015 

infoExport for infoRouter introductory offer

If you're an infoRouter user, you’ll know how useful it is for managing all types of documents and information within your business. However, all files have a natural life cycle and periodically it’s useful to remove or delete old data. This may be for regulatory reasons, the creation of an offline archive, or simply to free up disc space on your main infoRouter server.

To help with this, we’ve now developed infoExport - this useful tool allows you to search and export infoRouter files, with the associated meta-data (custom property sets, file comments and file description) and finally export them to a chosen network location. infoExport can also be used for backing up infoRouter configurations and recreating infoRouter libraries/custom property sets on a new (or backup) infoRouter instance. 

Please click HERE to view or download a PDF with further information.

infoExport will cost £495, but as an introductory offer, the fee to existing infoRouter users is £350+vat for any orders in March 2015.



  New whitepaper available for download


2nd March 2015 

High Volume Scanning into infoRouter whitepaper

Although all infoRouter users can have access to a free Scan Station module, it can’t drive a scanner directly (i.e. no TWAIN interface) and doesn’t have the advanced scanning functionality necessary for high volume batch scanning. This whitepaper explores how infoRouter seamlessly integrates with Kodak CapturePro to provide a low cost solution for production level scanning requirements.

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  Tools for Documentation and Content Managers


16th February 2015


The role of a Documentation or Content Manager is often complex and challenging; in addition to the development of documentation procedures and processes, they are also required to keep up-to-date with industry trends and technology which ensures corporate compliance and quality control.


Document Genetics help Content and Documentation Managers by providing a suite of best-of-breed tools for Document Management Software and Document Management Systems.


To find out more about the tools that Document Genetics provide please click here.


Document-Genetics-GlobeNew system for processing supplier invoices

9th February 2015

Dealing with supplier invoices is not always as it seems...

Invoices arriving electronically in PDF format may well benefit your suppliers but not necessarily your business, as they are often still being printed, edited and scanned on a daily basis.

By automating the processing of electronic supplier invoices, thousands of pounds a year are saved without effecting your current DMS/workflow investment. Simply put, we can: 

     > Monitor multiple email accounts and apply logic with database lookups

     > Intelligently interrogate contents and process them accordingly

     > Automatically update databases and the ERP System, pass data into DMS system and provide management reports

     > Additionally, the system also offers the flexibility to deliver high impact business documents with relevant customised           messages,at the right time and via the preferred channel!

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 Don't take our word for it, check out the customers' case studies about how we supercharged their business or give us a call on 01604 671177.


Document-Genetics-GlobeStudy says 83% of employees lose time due to document issues

26th Jan 2015

Existing File Sharing and Document Management Solutions Do Little to Solve Expensive, Time-Consuming and Frustrating Document Collaboration Issues:-

The vast majority of knowledge workers lose time each day on document versioning issues, like searching for the right version of a file or working on an outdated document.  About 9 in 10 workers whose companies use a document management system or file sharing service still lose time to these versioning issues (86% and 90%, respectively).

Document collaboration issues are more time-consuming than not having network access, more frustrating than locking your keys in your car. Organisations can significantly improve productivity and decrease costs by addressing these pervasive issues.


Document-Genetics-GlobeImprove ERP & Back Office Communications

12th January 2015

Do you need more flexibility in the way your ERP or back office systems generate and deliver communications to your customers and key business partners?

Most companies find this change too expensive and unyielding, but Document Genetics' approach to improving the impact of ERP documents is flexible, cost effective and encompasses:

Firstly, content and delivery mechanisms; enhancing profitability and improving customer relations without the need to change host systems.

Secondly, offering the flexibility to deliver high impact business documents, using the best mechanism, in the required format, to the correct place and at the right time.

Click here to view the ERP Automation Server Video

Don't take our word for it, check out our customer  Case Studies and see how we can supercharge your business!



New Formate application: Enriching Kerridge K8 printed output

8th December 2014

Formate eVo has been deployed in a large bathroom retailer to enrich the printed output from a Kerridge Commercial Systems K8 business software.

The requirement was to improve the design of printed quotations and invoices to closer emulate their website and Formate's flexible design tool produced the contemporary look required. Plus, the multi-threading capability of Formate eVo ensures simultaneous printing in different stores at the same time.

Formate removes constraints within the design and delivery of documents coming from many ERP/Commercial software systems and by doing so offers the flexibility to transmit the right document in the right way.

To find out more about Ouput Management please click HERE.



Formate & Formate eVo connects to UK Mail

2nd December 2014

Document Genetics' Professional Services team have written a connection between Formate eVo and UK Mail’s web-services to provide proof-of delivery and signature information for parcels/consignments.

This means that any business customer with an account with UK Mail Group can track consignments within their own internal systems.

Please contact us on 01604 671177 for more information.