Celebrating 20yrs SquareWhitepaper - infoRouter vs. Sharepoint

 May, 2019

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The purpose of this whitepaper is to compare the functionality and capability of infoRouter vs. Microsoft SharePoint Server. 

 This document compares the two products (we hope fairly and constructively) with a view to helping users decide where each has strengths and weaknesses. To keep things simple, we’ve not compared every major feature (e.g. check-in/check-out, Searching, Subscription etc), and simply focused on the areas of key difference.

This document isn’t meant to provide a detailed technical comparison of the two, merely a high level overview – with this in mind, we apologise for any technical errors, emissions or future changes to the functionality of either product which render this document technically inaccurate.

Click here to download your free copy (no registration required)

Celebrating 20yrs Square

£1,100 raised for growing project for families in food poverty

May, 2019

I9 Arrived at Rowley Fields


Our #VegPledge has raised £1,100 for The Growing Hub Rowley Fields who grow food for families in Food Poverty. 

Huge thanks to everyone who donated and participated.

The sponsored event started at our offices at Sywell and finished at Rowley Fields allotments in Leicester where The Growing Hub are based. It was a very windy day but thankfully the rain held off.

More pictures available at https://www.facebook.com/documentgenetics

Celebrating 20yrs Square

Xero Accounts to infoRouter DMS integration

May, 2019

Xero logoHere at Document Genetics we have moved our financial platform from over from Sage to the cloud-based accounting solution provided by Xero.

In the past, we’ve always stored a copy of the Sage business documents (invoices, credit notes, purchase orders) in our infoRouter document management software – this allows rapid searching, keeps the HMRC happy and means we’re not tied to a specific accounting software provider. However, Xero didn’t have an off the shelf method to achieve this, so we decided to write our own integration using the using the Xero Private API*.

In a nutshell, we’ve created an app with runs every 10 mins and downloads and publishes all of the newly created Xero documents into our on-premise copy of infoRouter. We’ve configured the app to create an infoRouter folder structure and add the relevant meta-data for each document type – this means documents are stored in a logical hierarchy and can be rapidly found.

If you’re a Xero user and want to add advanced document management to your financial documents, we can certainly help from as little as £25 per month. We can also provide a modified version of our application to write Xero documents to a local shared drive, or another DMS solution (subject to scope).


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