Document-Genetics-GlobeABBYY Announce that Partner Document Genetics has been Certified on FlexiCapture

Document Genetics of Northampton, is an ABBYY FlexiCapture Certified Partner.

Document Genetics has demonstrated expertise with ABBYY technology and an ability to work with customers to meet their data capture needs. Document Genetics joins a network of highly skilled resellers and integrators who can provide data capture solutions based on ABBYY technology as part of the Certified Partner programme.


ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent solution for capturing data from forms and other types of documents for input into databases and other back end systems. With its powerful algorithm for intelligent document classification and selective processing approach, ABBYY FlexiCapture is capable of finding and extracting key fields of information, even if the location of the field varies from page to page. As a result, FlexiCapture can be used as a single entry point for all kinds of paper documents including: forms (questionnaires, tests, insurance forms, tax returns, etc.), semi-structured documents (invoices, purchase orders, waybills, etc.) and unstructured documents (letters, contracts, articles, etc.).

10 ways to Supercharge your ERP Output

Business Process Automation

Oct, 2018

10 ways to Supercharge your ERP Output


This e-Book is essential reading for Business - IT Managers and makes a compelling case to take a fresh look at many of your existing ERP output processes.

Whether you run Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP or any other back office ERP software, we can streamline your ERP processes without complex, time consuming and expensive custom development requirements. 

ERP Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software provides solutions for creating engaging, richly formatted and dynamic ERP documents - maximising your company's efficiency by automating labour intensive processes and capitalising on your customer communications management (CCM) potential.

View your free PDF guide HERE (no registration required).

Capture Mobile Data and Populate Word - PDF Forms

infoForms mobile data collection and forms solution

Oct, 2018

Digital Transformation Light-Bulb Moment?

"I'd like to replace all my existing paper forms and capture data with mobile devices- but still be able to use the same MS Word - PDF forms, templates or reports?"

 infoForms allows you to Design and Deploy electronic forms (and data capture applications) to Android mobile devices in minute. Once the forms are created via the dashboard, map the fields into your own PDF form or Word Document/Report and infoForms does the rest:

fillable pdf process

1) Fill out forms using the infoForms Apps on mobile devices.

2) The apps works seamlessly between online and offline environments ensuring no disruption to work effort. Whenever connectivity is re-established after working offline data is seamlessly synced and posted directly into your custom PDF or Word document.

3) Every time a form is submitted, the PDF or Word templates are filled out and can be emailed or delivered to multiple destinations.

Some examples of Fillable PDF's and Word Documents are Safety Inspections, Vehicle Inspections, Building Inspections, Letting Agency Inspections, Preventative Maintenance Visits, Health - Safety / Installation Sign-off, Time Sheets, etc,.

Authorised Data Recipients can access records via Data Access Portal or extract data/reports via Data Access APIs. Additionally, form data can be mapped directly into a fillable PDF report and delivered directly to the end recipient from the app.


infoForms supports the integration of your organisation's own custom PDF and Word report templates to help you achieve your own reporting look and feel. Each mobile form can automatically deliver different reports to different recipients all from the same data set.

Check out the infoForms Videos or call 01604 671177 for a web demo.

Capture Text, Signature, GPS location, Photo, Video, Audio, Barcode and more. But, the really clever bit is you can easily manage the information via our reporting dashboard, or we can auto-publish back to your business system (ERP, CRM, SharePoint, SQL, etc) via our universal connector.

infoForms is part of a suite of Business Automation Software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow and collaboration.


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