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Aug, 2018

Company Overview Prezi Video

As with many businesses, here at Document Genetics we are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

This 2 minute company overview video explains Document Genetics' current role as a software development - services company specialising in Document Management Software, Enterprise ERP Output Management, Intelligent Document Capture - Mobile data Capture systems.

We achieve this by providing a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.

Document Genetics GDPR Compliance Policy


2nd May, 2018


High levels of data protection and security is always of paramount importance to Document Genetics and we are committed to meeting the GDPR requirements of a data processor relating to the personal data entrusted to us by our Clients.

To this end we have produced a GDPR Compliance Policy statement for our customers which can be found HERE.


Using meta-data for GDPR Compliance


16th April, 2018

GDPRYour business may hold personal data, but the new GDPR view of data protection means that you do not own it – therefore, companies should consider themselves as custodians of the data to be GDPR compliant.


Much of this personal data is held in databases and meta-data is required to interrogate and manage databases. This is why meta-data is so important for GDPR compliance.


Meta-data is descriptive tags about the data. In other words, information (data) that provides additional information about other data. In terms of a document, it could be a retention date, unique identifier such as customer number or how it relates to business processes.


Meta-data is essential for GDPR compliance because it allows for discovery - identification, access - version control, and assists with auditing - management of documents containing personal data. This also helps organisations better understand the personal data it holds, the way it flows through the business and quickly gain access to it when required.


GDPR requires companies to know what personal data it holds, why - where it is held, how it is used, who can access it, who has used it and how to deal efficiently with a data breach - Meta-data enables policy driven access and audit controls to address all of these requirements.


infoRouter Document Management SoftwareUnfortunately, not all document (or data) has meta-data attached (e.g. electronic files stored on shared drives or PCs, or perhaps paper records stored in filing cabinets) – this is why document management software has a valuable role to play in managing information in a structured way.


Customisable meta-data fields are a core feature of infoRouter Document and Record Management Software so can be a huge help with GDPR compliance.


For further information please go to GDPR - How to be compliant with new Data Protection Laws, alternatively, take a look at our GDPR WhitePaper which considers the useful role of meta-data and Document Management Systems with regards to GDPR compliance.



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