Royal Mail to raise first-class stamp price

19th October 2011

Royal Mail could be allowed to set the price of first class stamps for the first time, prompting fears that the cost of sending a letter will rise sharply.

Ofcom, the new postal regulator, is proposing to let Royal Mail set its own prices for first-class post. The price of second-class stamps will still be regulated, to ensure that those on low incomes can afford to use the post, but there are fears that the changes will create an exaggerated two-tier service.

iStock 000016349860XSmallPrice of second class stamp could rise by 50 per cent

24th October 2011

Royal Mail will be given the power to charge an unlimited price for first class stamps while the cost of sending a letter second-class could rise by more than 50%, under plans announced yesterday.

Document-Genetics-GlobeRoyal Mail postal services suspended due to uneven roads

7th November 2011

Postmen in one part of Essex have been ordered to stop making deliveries to houses on unmade roads due to health and safety concerns.


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