Cromwell Improve Accounts Payable Processes with infoRouter & Custom Development Tools

Dec, 2018

infoRouter logoCromwell Tools have successfully completed and signed off the latest Business Automation Software solution for their Accounts Payable department from Document Genetics.

infoRouter Electronic Document Management Software (DMS / EDMS) was introduced to replace the paper based manual invoice processing system and the Legacy Alchemy document management solution. This streamlined the Accounts Payable (AP) system and replaced the need to print PDF invoices attached to emails and supports the processes of the current Merlin accounts system.

The development of infoRegister and indexStation (custom development tools for infoRouter) has saved time and money by improving overall efficiency of the Accounts Payable process.

The Accounts Payable Manager stated: "Thanks for all the assistance and efforts – you've been a great help and reacted so quickly to our requests, concerns and change requirements, it’s all gone very smoothly."

Formate Evo ERP Enterprise Output Management Software

Formate eVo 2018 User Group 

Nov 2018

We are pleased to confirm the agenda for the upcoming Formate eVo user group workshop on the 28th of November, 2018 at the wonderful art deco Aviator Hotel (

Morning Sessions include new functionality in Formate eVo:

Evo Hub

  • Remote Monitoring from anywhere
  • Image Tracking - Email Marketing
  • Linked Files – Track & Record Downloads

Plus, Interacting with AWS Buckets, Reading Barcodes, Publishing to Sharepoint and Push & Pull Data to Mobile Forms App.

The afternoon sessions include:

Technical Demonstrations, Technical Discussion, Future Developments &  (Q&A) and we’ll be finishing with Migrating to Formate eVo for those not already upgraded.

Please feel free to download the full agenda HERE

Controlling Unstructured Data for GDPR Compliance 

Nov , 2018


infoRouter logo

Document Genetics offer Simplified GDPR Document Management Software (DMS) - Archiving Bundles which convert your unstructured documents (e.g. paper archives, shared drives, email, legacy applications, PCs, etc.) into information you can FIND quickly.

infoRouter EDMS / DMS has a key role to play in managing information by applying security, meta-data - full text searching, all of which are vital for GDPR compliance.

Meta-data enables policy driven access and audit controls to address many GDPR requirements such as privacy by design, subject access requests, right to be forgotten - data portability, plus meeting breach notification standards.

Read more about how meta-data helps GDPR compliance or view our GDPR - DMS Whitepaper for more detail.


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