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How is Formate eVo licensed?

Formate eVo can be purchased outright on a perpetual licence, or can be rented for a single monthly charge - On-premise and Cloud based systems are available


Is there a software maintenance charge?

Yes, on the perpetual license there is a 20% charge for software maintenance, which includes help desk support, technical fixes and free version upgrades


Is there a limit on the number of output types?

No, there are no limits to the number of output streams (e.g. printers, email, fax, publish to web etc.).


Is Formate eVo difficult to configure? – for users with IT skills (and appropriate training) it’s really not difficult to use. However, for companies without IT resource we can provide just the Formate eVo server and we do all the setup and maintenance for you


If I’ve got a 1,000 invoices in my spool queue, can each customer get a unique document, delivered in a different way?

Yes, each document can be customised depending on key fields (e.g. account number) and business logic, delivered in the most appropriate way


I want to email documents but there’s no email address on my document or in my ERP system?

As Formate can query 3rd party datasources on the fly (e.g. SQL database or Excel), as long as there is a unique reference to tie the document to the email address held in the database, then we can provide a solution


Will Formate eVo work with my ERP system?

Yes, Formate eVo works with virtually all ERP systems (from SAP to Sage) without the need to modify their generic output


Can we run Formate eVo on our own cloud server?

Yes, for your own use (but not as a bureau service for other companies)


Can you host Formate eVo for us?

Yes, we can provide this service for a monthly charge


Is Formate eVo multi-threaded?

Yes, you can allocate threads to specific tasks for optimum performance, or for on-demand applications which need an instant response (e.g. pick-lists or delivery notes)


What specification of server does Formate eVo need?

Please click here for the latest server specs.


Will Formate eVo run on a virtual server?



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