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(Please click HERE for the Fomate eVo Server Specification)


The Formate eVo suite of software is comprised of two key components, these being:

  1. Formate eVo Configurator (Design Dashboard) - the design/development tool used to create your Enterprise Output Management application and, unlike many other competitors, can be installed on multiple PC workstations Free of Charge.
  2. Formate eVo Server - runs as an automated process executing the applications created by Formate eVo Configurator.

Formate eVo can be purchased in the “SOHO” or “Enterprise” package depending on the facilities required:

  • Formate eVo Enterprise contains all processes and all modules.
  • Formate eVo SOHO does not come with the design feature (Configurator design dashboard tool).


Discover the four Formate eVo processes that control the document lifecycle from composition through to distribution by clicking on the icons below:

Formate eVo Collect Process Formate eVo Design Process Formate eVo Distribute Process Formate eVo Manage Process

Formate eVo Modules

    • Barcode Creation – create barcodes on document output (e.g. delivery note)
    • Barcode Reading – read barcode data from images (pdf, jpg, bmp, etc)
    • MS Excel – read, write to, and create spreadsheets
    • MS Word - read, write to, and create Word documents
    • Network Services – the ability to balance load across multiple Formate eVo servers
    • PDF Creation – create PDF documents
    • PDF Editing – PDF manipulation (text extract, add pages, insert images etc.)
    • PDF Processing – reliable PDF printing and XPS to PDF conversion
    • SharePoint – read and write documents to MS SharePoint
    • XML – parse XML data and create XML output


Formate eVo Server Specification

Formate eVo can be provided as a cloud service, or for on-premise installations Formate eVo software requires the following infrastructure:

Server Hardware
A dedicated server-class machine with the following minimum requirements:

  • Processor – multi-cores or vCPUs to support multi-threading (in addition to those required for normal server operation)
  • 8 GB RAM (16GB or higher preferred in high traffic environments)
  • 20 to 30 GB application disk space for normal operation (excludes storage of data, log files, or output)
  • Internet access (preferable)

(Virtual server environments are supported as long as the virtual environment is compatible with the above requirements).

Server Operating System Software

  • MS Windows 2016 Server or higher (with current service packs)

Note: The Formate eVo dashboard admin and design environment can be run on Windows 10 Professional workstation.

DBMS Platform
For event logging the following DBMS platforms are required:

  • MS SQL Express or MS SQL Standard Versions 2019 or higher. Plus, MY SQL 5.7 or higher

Windows Software Components
MS .Net Framework 4.8 with appropriate service packs


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