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Supercharge stubborn business processes

Formate Evo 400x120Formate eVo is Business Process Automation Software that also allows companies to engage their customers with interesting documents containing relevant information and deliver them via the preferred mechanism - post, email, SMS, fax, portal, etc.

Although it is widely accepted that a well-designed dynamic document is far more likely to communicate effectively and build empathy with customers, most Back Office / ERP systems aren't up to the job. However, with Formate eVo, you have complete control over the design of your business documents and the final delivery mechanism……imagine the possibilities. 

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Formate overview

Supercharge Stubborn Business Processes

The world is speeding up and all successful organisations need to react quickly to changes in communication technology, security and methodology. Agility is key. Organisations need to respond quickly to change and evolve their business processes in a fast, but cost-effective and controlled manner. This is easily said, but difficult to achieve – ERP software, finance systems, websites, customer portals, trading networks, and warehouse management systems do what they do very well, but don’t cope well with continual modifications – they’re like a large ship with lots of momentum and a tiny rudder…..changing direction is difficult!

This is where the Formate eVo business process automation technology, also known as Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) comes in useful. Think of it as the glue which attaches to the existing IT infrastructure via standard data feeds, APIs & connectors, and then intelligently relays information to another system, process or network. Used correctly, this type of solution is cost-effective, allows rapid design and prototyping, and can be deployed quickly.



Formate eVo RPA Schematic


Design & deliver relevant customised messages

Dymamic Document


Engaging with customers is more challenging than ever - everyone is routinely bombarded with emails, digital media and traditional marketing streams. So, in this age of “information overload”, making your message stand out from the crowd is of paramount importance.

We all know that a relevant document will communicate more effectively, build empathy and increase customer loyalty, so why not captivate clients with interesting documents containing tailor-made information?

With Formate eVo you can produce dynamic and compelling communications to all of your customers without expensive modifications to your ERP system.



Formate eVo Applications include:

  • Automating the receipt of PDF sales orders
  • Capturing purchase invoices and registering on your ERP system
  • Extracting data from emails and intelligently responding or creating workflow tasks
  • Combining proof of delivery and sales invoice documents
  • Creating works order packs from multiple sources (works order, specification sheets, drawings etc)
  • Reading documents with barcodes and indexing/publishing to SharePoint/Portals/document management system
  • Taking ERP reports and populating electronic forms for mobile workers
  • Intelligently delivering customer responses/documents based on questions/preferences (print, email, text, portal, web app)
  • Creating customer-facing documents that are unique/relevant to each client
  • ERP Document Formatting -customised messaging, etc.
  • Output Management - deliver via the preferred channel
  • PDF signature/encryption & automated printing
  • E-billing with full traceability via ParetoPost service
  • Send SMS texts and fax messages
  • Supplier Invoice Approval Workflow Send HTML5 emails with variable content
  • Monitor email accounts & kick-off workflows
  • Create barcode labels & drive thermal printers
  • Publish to EDMS, Sharepoint, web portals, etc.
  • Read & write to MS Excel for reporting
  • ODBC interaction

Formate eVo processes:

Firstly, it seamlessly collects and parses data from anywhere in your business (including Legacy ERP systems) and designs the customer-facing document your business requires.

Secondly, reduce or eliminate print costs by designing and distributing documents and data electronically in the most appropriate format.

Finally, store and manages your collateral by publishing it to web portals, workflow processes or document management systems. 

Formate eVo Processes

 Click here to download the Formate eVo PDF brochure


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