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The Formate eVo Hub Server is a cloud service which provides Image Tracking which is the ability track document views via imbedded image tracking, Linked Files which lets you create a link at the hub to a file which exists on storage (e.g. AWS S3) and Remote Service Monitoring  to monitor the performance of Formate eVo servers.

Image Tracking

This function facilitates the uploading of image files to eVo Hub, which then generates a unique ID for it which can be used in a link; for example, in an HTML email. When someone views the email, their email viewer sees the link and calls the eVo Hub to ask for the image file, which the eVo Hub provides but also records the fact that the image was "hit" (i.e. downloaded).


Part of the link is free-form and can contain any plain text such as an invoice number without affecting which image is downloaded, so you can effectively make every link you send out different, even where they all refer to the same image file - this means it's possible not only to keep a count of how many hits there were in total, but also to track whether individual links have been hit (e.g. whether the email containing a particular invoice has been viewed).


Linked Files

A link can be created at the eVo Hub to a file which exists on storage somewhere else, such as on an AWS S3 bucket or your own cloud server. That link can then be passed on in an email for example, allowing the recipient to download the file. This avoids the need to attach files such as invoice PDFs to emails that would be normally sent out – instead, you just include the link and the recipient can download the file when required.


Links can be configured to expire after a certain number of hits (downloads) and/or at a certain date/time, so that once the recipient has a copy the link will soon expire and can't be used by anyone else to access the file later. Links are designed to make it very difficult to guess, or deduce one that will successfully download a file, so that only the person who has the genuine link will be able to access the file.


It's also possible to ask the eVo Hub which files have been downloaded, so you know who has received the files for which the links were created.


See schematic below:

eVo hub document delivery Schematic


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