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Mobile forms for any business - providing electronic data capture on the move, on mobile devices or smartphones.

But, the clever bit is you can easily manage the information via our reporting dashboard, or we can auto-publish back to your line of business system (ERP, CRM, SharePoint, SQL, etc) via our universal connector. Create mobile forms with rules, validation, workflow and activity tracking containing Captured Signatures, Time/Date, GPS Location, Photos, Videos, Audio and Barcodes. Click here to see how it works.

infoForms data capture app 

Hundreds of Mobile Data Capture Applications:

  • Any kind of Inspection (Site, Vehicle, Safety, Installation, Maintenance, etc.)
  • Questionnaires, Feedback Forms, Survey Forms and Field Services (HVAC, Property, etc,)
  • Work Orders, Job Sheets, Time Sheets
  • Permit to Work Forms (PTW) & Behaviour Observation Forms
  • Utilities Management, Property Inspection Forms
  • Engineering & Manufacturing Equipment, Asset Inspection Forms
  • Oil and Gas Services
  • Transport & Logistics Forms
  • Sales Teams, Order Forms
  • Financial Services and Charity Forms
  • Proof of Delivery / Risk Assessments
  • Delivers Professional PDF & Word Reports.
  • Any Custom Form or application where you need to capture data rapidly & on the move.

You can even populate data into your current PDF or Word Forms & Reports!


Download the infoForms PDF brochure here or contact us here


Watch these videos to see how infoForms can supercharge mobile data collection within your business:

Intro video for infoForms mobile data capture software

User demonstration video for infoForms mobile data capture software

Admin demonstration video for infoForms mobile data capture software

infoForms Introduction Video infoForms User Video Demonstration Create & Deploy Mobile Forms Demo


More video demo examples of infoForms applications such as completing an Engineers Work Sheet can be found HERE.


Example mobile phone & tablet screen views

Lookup Tables can Auto-Populate Fields

Include Photos, Images and Documents

Option Lists Reduces Errors & Speeds Up Data Entry

SiteInstallationAudit capture photo options


Rating Fields Allow Scoring & Speeds Up Date Entry


Add Signatures


Simple Intuitive Mobile App

survey signature home screen



Example infoForms Laptop/PC Dashboard

The infoForms Dashboard allows you to design forms, review submissions / create reports, download data and manage users:

infoForms data capture


Example infoForms Applications

Video demonstrations of example applications using infoForms:

Completing engineers work  sheet electronic form Preventative Maintenance Check List Electronic Form

Demo of an Engineers Work Sheet in infoForms

Demo of a Preventative Maince Check List in infoForms


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