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Populate data into your current PDF or Word Forms & Reports


1) Create forms via the infoForms dashboard, then map the fields into your own PDF form or Word Document/Report and infoForms does the rest.

Every time a form is submitted, the PDF or Word templates are filled out and can be emailed or delivered to multiple destinations.



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Complete Forms with infoForms Mobile App - faster & simpler than fillable PDF, Word or Paper!


2) Fill out forms using the infoForms Apps on mobile devices.

The apps works seamlessly between online and offline environments ensuring no disruption to work effort. Whenever connectivity is re-established after working offline data is seamlessly synced and posted directly into your custom PDF or Word document. 





The finished Word report or completed PDF is a carbon copy of the original.

3) Some examples of Fillable PDF's and Word Documents are Safety Inspections, Vehicle Inspections, Building Inspections, Letting Agency Inspections, Preventative Maintenance Visits, Health & Safety / Installation Sign-off, Time Sheets, etc,.

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