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Initially developed for the Aerospace industry in 1999, infoRouter now provides hundreds of organisations, in many commercial sectors, with a collaborative document portal that connects information to employees, wherever their location in the world.


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infoRouter DMS / EDMS introduction videoinfoRouter low-cost Document Management Software enables organisations to effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute and manage digital and paper-based documents. Whether you work in words, pictures, audio, or video, infoRouter can manage any type of document or file. Now available with zero capital expenditure via infoRouter PayGo licencing.


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infoRouter's intuitive interface makes learning how to use infoRouter easy. Your users will understand and begin using infoRouter within minutes and without any training.


Capture all your documents

infoRouter DMS / EDMS schematic

Use infoRouter to:

  • Save Time and Resource - scan and electronically approve supplier invoices
  • Eliminate Paper Filing - automatically store PDF copies of all your business documents (POs, Invoices, Statements)
  • Improve Customer Service - give customers access to the documents they need (e.g. Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes etc)
  • Find Documents FAST - provide instant access to important Emails, MS Office Documents and faxes
  • Quality Control - only let employees see what they need to see and apply version control to control document revisions
  • Compliance and Records Management - DoD 5015.2 STD, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), ISO Document Control, HIPAA, SEC-compliant Record Management, Data Protection & GDPR, Etc,..
  • Improve Communication - allow collaboration between employees and partners
  • Instigate a Culture of Co-Operation - create an intranet/portal with all important company info (company notices, HR info, etc)
  • Build a Creative Framework - Manage marketing information, collateral (images, brochures, artwork) and ideas
  • Receive Real-Time Updates - Subscribe to documents and folders and automatically get a notification email when anything changes
  • Eliminate Islands of Information - Allow each department in the business to create and maintain their own repository of information whilst sharing with other areas of the business
  • Security - Replace uncontrolled network drives with infoRouter and enforce corporate policies with user permissions
  • Portals - Build instant Employee, Partner and Customer Portals and provide consolidated dashboards of information
  • Dashboards - Portals can be used to create dashboards for Employees, Customers and Partners
  • Promote Knowledge Sharing - Secure your valuable documents, records and digital assets

Try before you buy - take infoRouter for a spin with our 30 days free of charge trial. You can have full access to all product functions and technical support. The decision to buy is then up to you.  Alternatively, get a close-up look at infoRouter with one of our in-depth, live demonstrations conducted by one of our friendly sales team.


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