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Capture Data from Any Source & Grow your business

Capture Data From Any Source

Low Cost of Ownership

InfoRouter is very reasonably priced using a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model. It is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of our many large corporate clients, yet it remains affordable document management software for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Rapid ROI
Grow your business with infoRouter EDMS

Nucleus Research, an independent research firm specializing in measuring the ROI (Return on Investment) of IT investments, recently reported that 83% of companies surveyed, reported a positive ROI on their investment in Document Management tools. That's a much higher percentage than can be found with virtually any other IT investment! It's just one reason that Gartner Research puts Document Management squarely in their magic quadrant of tools with high ROI and low cost of ownership.


InfoRouter can easily pay for itself in just months given the increased ability for users to locate the information they need. Productivity gains are only part of the picture, too. InfoRouter also saves you money by centralizing and managing a function typically spread over countless applications and systems. Finally, there's the very real value associated with your peace of mind - knowing that all of your precious corporate information is centralized, secured, versioned, and instantly recoverable.



Easy to Use and Maintain

Virtually no training is required for new infoRouter users. If your users are experienced Windows users, they'll find infoRouter very familiar and easy to understand.


Instant Deployment

Our customers report that the setup and implementation of infoRouter typically take only two hours. Compare that to the weeks (often months) for many of the "bloatware" legacy document management products in the market today.


Intranet Out-of-the-Box

Many of our customers find that infoRouter makes an ideal Intranet, right out of the box! Let everyone in the company contribute to the Intranet without having to know any HTML or Web programming. Easily publish all of your company's electronic documents in their native format, with no costly conversions of existing content.


Access to Your Business Critical Documents via a standard Web browser from anywhere, at anytime

Documents are the lifeblood of an organization. They are absolutely fundamental to the success of your business. Why not centralize these documents so that they are available to the right people at the right time, from anywhere in the world? It's simple with infoRouter. All you need is a browser. There is no need for client-side applications or plug-ins. Anyone with internet access and of course with the proper security authentication can securely access and manage your precious intellectual assets.


Web services API - Open Architecture

Your in-house applications can be integrated easily into infoRouter. Systems or applications lacking content and document control features can be enhanced and extended by integrating them with infoRouter. The Web Services API will allow your developers to access all core functions of infoRouter by making a series of simple SOAP calls.


Work with a Great Company

Document Genetics offers a very customer-oriented delivery approach. We view our customers as true partners and seek customer input on all product enhancements. We will happily admit that most of our coolest features are the ideas of our customers!


Do things you didn't think were possible

Using infoRouter, you will be able to offer services to your internal and external customers, vendors, suppliers, and anyone else you need to collaborate. You'll be able to instantly provide secure access to important business documents to whoever needs them. You'll even be able to collaboratively manage programs, proposals, projects, contracts and relationships with your internal and external customers.


Standards-based Technology

infoRouter is not a typical proprietary enterprise software solution. It is built on the industry-standard ASP.NET platform with .NET Framework 2.0. The solution runs on industry-standard hardware and operating systems such as Windows 2012/2016/2019 Servers. It uses industry database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. infoRouter can be accessed through standard web browsers like Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers.


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