infoP2P Processing Purchase Invoices

Streamlining the Processing of Purchase Invoices

Approving purchase invoices can be a timely and expensive task when using outdated paper-based processes (£8 to £15 per invoice). 


infoP2P helps a business easily capture purchase invoices, register their arrival, match against a purchase order (if required) and workflow approval.


Processing Purchase Invoices using infoRouter DMS / EDMS

  • Purchase orders can be created for non-stock items
  • Removes the need to print invoices received via email
  • Allows quick and easy electronic registration, plus,
  • Invoices can be rapidly matched against a purchase order and then electronically approved
  • Can be installed in hours with virtually no user training required
  • All documents are stored electronically – no paper records are needed
  • Typical ROI is less than 3 months


For more information click here to download a PDF Brochure for infoP2P (No registration required)


The Platform

infoP2P is available either as a cloud service or can be installed on-premise on your own internal MS Windows servers.


Creating Purchase Orders

Not all companies create official purchase orders, particularly for non-stock items such as marketing materials, cloud services, laptops, or office items.


If you don’t create a purchased order, it makes the invoice approval process much more complicated, especially if the order is for a reoccurring cloud service….people often forget what they’ve committed to in 12 months' time!


So, if you don’t already create purchase orders, infoP2P can be used to create an official purchase order. However, the system still works if you don’t have a purchase order (e.g. for utility bills), or if you’re creating the purchase order on another system (e.g. Sage, SAP etc.).


5 Steps of the infoP2P Process

Processes for purchase to pay (infoP2P) business automation software

Click here to download a PDF Brochure for infoP2P (No registration required)


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