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PAYGo infoRouter DMS / EDMS pricing chart


 What's Included with infoRouter PAYGo?

Software - infoRouter Server, Office Plug-in, Hotfolders Auto Import, Scan Station Client, Import/Export Tool, API & Workflow Routing Service & Support - Basic Install, Admin Training, Version Upgrades, Help Desk Support, Remote Support. Click here to learn how infoRouter can make your life easier.


How to get fast ROI 

If you have employees spending more than 30 minutes a week dealing with document storage and retrieval then your infoRouter PAYGo Document Management Solution could pay for itself from day one!
infoRouter PAYGo DMS / EDMS ROI table*Per employee assumes 1/2 hour saving per day, 230 working days and a total cost of £15 per hour.

(BAE Systems conducted a study that discovered that 80% of employees waste an average of half an hour daily retrieving information. Source: "Show me the Money, Measuring the Return on KM" Knowledge Management).


Key Facts about infoRouter PAYGo:

  • infoRouter PAYGo offers true flexibility as users can be added and contract terms extended!
  • One hour of Remote Support per year is included for application development, advanced configuration or new user training and can be called off in 15-minute blocks. Additional 2-hour blocks of time cost £245
  • Fees represent on-premise infoRouter PAYGo solutions (you will need a suitable Windows Server) but Cloud Servers can be provided on request
  • For the term of the contract, infoRouter PAYGo fees are payable quarterly in advance via standing order, then only three months’ notice of termination is required

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