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Document-Genetics_Kodak_Capture_ProYour extreme makeover for document capture and management

Kodak Capture Pro & Business Scanners

Kodak Capture Pro lets you quickly convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images. It’s the complete capture software application that allows you to scan, process, utilise, and manage documents and important data from those  documents. Get powerful, flexible batch capture with Kodak Scanners (and scanners from other popular manufacturers) in desktop to high volume production environments.

Efficiently capture critical index data then automatically delivers it all to databases and applications. Addionally, benefit from new advances in quality control to identify and adjust challenging images without rescanning, enhanced integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, and more practical innovations.

Other features include barcode reading, document separation using BarCodes, Zonal OCR etc.  With Kodak Capture Pro, there are no associated per click or volume charges.

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Our Business Automation Software lets you process transactions more rapidly, store and share important company information efficiently and electronically deliver documents to your customers or business partners.

Document Genetics can get your employees back to work, adding value to the business & reducing costs.

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Simplify scanning, automate indexing & maximise connectivity. Convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images. Capture critical index data and automatically deliver it to databases and applications. Get powerful, flexible batch capture functionality in desktop to high-volume production capture environments. 

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Kodak offers an array of flexible
solutions to create, share, manage,
edit, and collaborate on information
within Microsoft SharePoint. And do it
all faster, with more features and less
hassle. We make it “push-button easy”
to create, find and view documents. It’s
a more streamlined, fully-featured way
to scanand manage information within

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