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Lots of companies sell scanners and lots of companies treat them like any other piece of hardware - sell them cheap, with very little pre-sales expertise and little backup if they go wrong. Documents Genetics pride ourselves on our product range, expertise and excellent after-sales care; in addition, we will try and match any quote you've already received.


Document Genetics employs a number of dedicated scanner specialists with years of technical expertise and product knowledge. We aim to always be competitive on price, but what separates us from catalogue/mail order companies, is our understanding of scanners and the backup and service we give. Our constant review on products ensures that the scanning solutions we offer and their associated accessories are suitable for day-to-day heavy-duty use. Our independence and the relationship we have with our manufacturers means that we are constantly updated with their latest offerings and enhanced features.

Latest Kodak Wireless Network Scanners now available                                                                                                                                    

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The Kodak i1150WN & i1190WN are a real game changer for the modern work environment.

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Smart Touch technology lets you perform up to nine different scanning tasks at the touch of a button - including creating PDFs, attaching files to e-mails, organising documents in folders, or sending files to Cloud services.

Plus, you can apply your own activity names and include colour icons on the display panel to make tasks even quicker to select.

Providing fast, reliable and stress free wireless scanning with Smart Touch technology means that collaboration has never been easier!

Mid-range Scanner Demos

Please contact us for mid-range scanner demos.

Document Genetics have a 'one-stop-shop' philosophy where get the best solution coupled with the required support and ex stock consumables. We offer an extensive maintenance program ranging from 8hr responses to 4 hr fixes throughout the UK. No matter how small or big the problem, Document Genetics are only a telephone call away and depending on the level of service you have, a field-service engineer can be dispatched and on site within the required time


Majority of scanner consumables are ex stock and delivered next day at competitive and favourable prices. Customers' consumable requirements are monitored frequently to ensure there is never any 'down-time'.

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Our Business Automation Software lets you process transactions more rapidly, store and share important company information efficiently and electronically deliver documents to your customers or business partners.

Document Genetics can get your employees back to work, adding value to the business, not shuffling paper.

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Kodak offers an array of flexible
solutions to create, share, manage,
edit, and collaborate on information
within Microsoft SharePoint. And do it
all faster, with more features and less
hassle. We make it “push-button easy”
to create, find and view documents. It’s
a more streamlined, fully-featured way
to scanand manage information within

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At Document Genetics, we have helped countless businesses of all sizes to automate their document management processes - this cuts costs, improves customer service, increases data security and delivers many other tangible benefits.

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