Barcode Recognition Server Software

Barcode automation from any source including MFPs

Document Genetics have recognised the need for a simple solution to enable any department in a business to easily scan their documents into their document management archive (e.g. infoRouter, Sharepoint, etc) using existing MFPs
(digital copiers).

The Barcode Recognition Server (BRS) is an accurate and powerful software module that recognises 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images and bitmaps. Using the BRS, it’s easy to collect barcoded documents from scanners or digital copiers, recognise the contents of the barcode and then publish to a workflow or document management system such as infoRouter.

How does it work?

Users simply add a barcode label to the document - the barcode contains the document index (e.g. account number). Next, they scan using a standard MFP. The BRS monitors a watch folder for images (PDFs or Tiffs) containing a barcode. When it sees one, it reads the contents of the barcode and creates a meta-data file with the barcode value. Using the Formate eVo Barcode Recognition process, we can then automatically archive the document or pass to a workflow process for approval.

Barcode Recognition Server (BRS ) Steps

Download the eVo Barcode Recognition Server Brochure here


Need an entry-level barcoding solution for creating barcode labels from £95 per user?

Barcode Label Client software – This Windows application is ideal for creating barcode labels to identify business documents. It allows users to manually enter relevant metadata and then print 1-D or 2-D barcode labels which are then attached to the document. Typical applications include:

  • Purchase Invoices – When registering a purchase invoice a barcode containing the ERP reference number will link the document to the ERP record
  • Filing Document Packs – Apply a barcode to the front of a document pack. This barcode provides the key indexing data and also separates the files
  • Goods Returned Note – Apply a barcode to identify a product serial number or customer code
  • General Correspondence – Apply a barcode with a customer reference to allow rapid scanning of client letters and documents

Once the barcode has been applied to the document scanning software (e.g. eVo Barcode Recognition Server, Kodak Alaris Capture Pro software or ABBYY FlexiCapture) it can then be used to process the document and extract the barcode data - this then drives a business process (e.g. rename and save to a shared drive, publish to a DMS, or kick-start a workflow).

The Barcode Label Client costs £95 for a single user or £375 for 5 users.

All of these solutions can capture critical data about the document and then deliver it to a database/application for business process automation including kicking off workflow automation, and/or automatically publishing it into a document management system such as infoRouter.


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