Barcode Recognition Server Software

Smart scanning using MFPs

Scanning paper documents can be a tricky process and companies are often frightened by the investment in the capture software, scanners and associated training.

Document Genetics have recognised the need for a simple solution to enable any department in a business to easily scan
their documents into their document management archive (e.g. infoRouter, Sharepoint, etc) using existing MFPs
(digital copiers).

The Document Genetics eVo Barcode Recognition Server (BRS) is a highly accurate and powerful software module which recognises 1-D and 2-D barcodes from digital images and bitmaps. Using the BRS, it’s easy to collect barcoded documents from multiple scanners or digital copiers, recognise the contents of the barcode, then publish to a workflow or document management system such as infoRouter.

How does it work?

Users simply add a barcode label to the document - the barcode contains the document index (e.g. account number). Next they scan using a standard MFP. The BRS monitors a watch folder for images (PDFs or Tiffs) containing a barcode. When it sees one, it reads the contents of the barcode and creates a meta-data file with the barcode value. Using a Formate eVo process we can then automatically archive the document or pass to a workflow process for approval.


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