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Every day we share documents with our customers and business partners, whether it’s an important proposal, a quotation or a legal document. Sending a document via post is expensive and slow. Emails can go missing due to spam filters, or simply remain unread due to the volume of messages sitting in the inbox.


infoReadit is an innovative way to quickly compose, deliver & sign business documents - If a document hasn’t been read, you’ll know about it!

infoReadit is ideal for:

  • Proposals
  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Legal Correspondence
  • HR Documents
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Drawings
  • In fact, any document you need tracked or digitally signed

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View these Video Guides to see how infoReadit works:

InfoReadit Video - Sending Documents Securely InfoReadit Video - Electronic Signing of Documents

Sending Documents with infoReadit

Electronic Signatures with infoReadit


How does infoReadit work?

InfoReadit turns your business documents into a traceable web link which can be sent via email, text message, or even embedded in a webpage or barcode.

Recipients simply view the documents via web browsers on their PC or mobile phone.Document Preview Viewer Depending on their permissions, recipients can view or sign the document.

Key Features

  • Cloud solution with no upfront charge
  • Brand infoReadit with your company logo
  • Rapidly create documents by using a master PDF then adding library documents as required (e.g. add a case-study or price list)
  • Add logical separator pages to create natural breaks in the document
  • Decide what your recipient can do with the document – View Only, Download a Copy, Add Comments, or Sign the document
  • Add a Signature Page anywhere in the document (this can be customised)
  • Track if your document has been viewed, downloaded or signed
  • Add or respond to comments
  • Receive regular emails with updates on what’s been read
  • Statistics and reports feature allows you to quickly highlight any documents not viewed or signed
  • Allow users to share their document libraries (ideal for sales teams)
  • Facility to make documents private within your user group
  • Delete or Archive old documents to a local drive or DMS / EDMS

Manage FilesManaging your infoReadit Links and FilesThe status column shows - Red = not viewed or signed - Green = viewed or signed - Grey Signature Icon = option not selected.

Sign DocumentsDigitally Sign DocumentsAdd Signatures to any part of the finalised PDF Document

Statistics & ReportsinfoReadit Reporting & StatisticsBasic statistics are displayed without the need to generate a report

Download the infoReadit overview pdf brochure here 


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