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February 2020

Managers and users know how much more efficient managing business information is with infoRouter, but the natural life-cycle of documents and files requires periodic removal or deletion; This may be due to the creation of an offline archive, for regulatory reasons or the need to free up some disc space on your infoRouter server.

We developed infoExport to help our customers with this - infoExport is a useful tool which allows you to search and export infoRouter files, with the associated meta-data (custom property sets, file comments and file description) and finally export them to a chosen network location.

Additionally, infoExport is also a great tool for backing up infoRouter configurations and recreating infoRouter libraries - custom property sets on a new (or backup) instance of infoRouter.

infoExport costs £495 +vat but until end of June 2016 the fee is £299 +vat.

Further information can be found HERE to view or download a PDF.

Hook, Line & Sinker: Who REALLY Controls Your Cloud Data?

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February, 2020

Hook line sinker

The growth of cloud computing means we are increasingly trusting our corporate business systems and associated data to third-party providers.

When it works, we can concentrate on running our core business rather than wasting time on infrastructure maintenance. After all, support of server hardware, upgrades to software and technical fixes all cost time and money.

But when it goes wrong, or licensing costs increase, or a business wants to transition to a new software as a service (SaaS) provider, does your business really control its own data? What happens if our cloud solution is down for 1 day, or worse still a full week, will your business still function. Worse still, if there’s a data breach, do you really know where is your IP held?

Companies are now waking up to the need to hold their transactional documents and IP, within an independent document management repository, which is under their control and not fundamentally tied to a cloud service. This hybrid approach recognises the flexibility of Cloud platforms but provides total data ownership and control.

A corporate document management system addresses the following issues:

  • Provide a single source of truth (SSOT) in your organisation
  • Store documents and data, independent of their parent host
  • Apply robust security protocols across companywide data
  • Allow meta-tagging of information for fast retrieval and compliance
  • Electronically sign and workflow approve documents
  • Eliminate environmentally unfriendly paper records

infoRouter document management software (DMS) can be installed in hours and gives you back control of your corporate information.

Automating the Receipt of Sales Orders
Document Genetics Globe

February, 2020

Formate Evo Process Automation Software


Here at Document Genetics, we help companies automate labour or paper-intensive business processes.

A really common problem we encounter is the unnecessary printing of PDF files received via email, just to allow staff to register the transaction on their ERP system – typically this applies to Sales Orders and Purchase Invoices.

This is crazy for a several reasons:

  • It wastes time
  • It’s environmentally unfriendly
  • and it affects the bottom line

For more information on a quick fix with rapid ROI please click here


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