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Document Genetics BlogWindows OS Reported Print Problems

April, 2021

Whilst most information relates to Windows10, it appears that a number of recent updates have adversely affected the printing sub-system – it seems to manifest itself with random print job failures, jobs not reaching the queue or disappearing from the print queue immediately after appearing, but not reaching the printer. Problems are across Type 3 and Type 4 drivers, with Type 4 being seen to more prone to jobs not reaching the queue.

It looks like versions of the updates have been rolled out to other supported OS. Some of the issues are detailed here: March 15, 2021—KB5001565 (OS Build 17134.2088) Out-of-band (

Application of the latest Cumulative update for Windows 10 or KB5000842 appears to fix the issue.

If running a production Formate system on a server OS you will have had significant control over update application, but for any customers choosing to run Formate on a Windows 10 machine in production, the problem updates may have been applied automatically, thus introducing the issues, so please be aware.


Further to the previous entry describing print system problems, Microsoft has issued a series of patches to resolve the issues. The exact patch is dependent upon the build of windows in use. In simple terms, a fully patched (as up to 07.04.21) windows system should have the fixes installed automatically.

Otherwise, cumulative updates from February or March 9th should be either further patched or rolled back, or the following fixes applied:

  • Windows OS 2012R2 KB5001640
  • Windows 10,2019 (1909 - 0n) KB5001648 & KB5001566

Document Genetics BlogDynamic Metals Customer Testimonial Video

March, 2021

Dynamic Metals are one of the UK’s largest independent stockists of aerospace high-grade metals supplying materials to many industry sectors across the UK, mainland Europe and throughout the world.

The Document Genetics team provided a tailored document management system for document storage & retrieval (certificates, invoices, etc.) using infoRouter with customised infoExplorer & infoUpload.

The project includes redaction of sensitive information contained within test certificates and a Custom Developed solution to provide a portal for customers to gain access to documents such as invoices, delivery notes, etc.

Click on the Video below for a short testimonial: 



Video Recording of Formate eVo Release v21 Webinar

March, 2021

Document Genetics purchased the Formate IP from Trilogic Ltd last year and have now released version 21 of Formate eVo. Our vision is to continually develop Formate eVo to keep it as a leading document automation, processing, and delivery software platform which can also be used as low-cost middleware for Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Updates include a new improved barcode reading engine and an updated PDF library including features such as redaction, clickable hyperlinks & e-signatures. Additional features regarding email, HTTP Post and Web service are also discussed in the Webinar below:

We'd be happy to talk you through these updates or send you a copy of the presentation at any time. 


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