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Case Study - Garbuio (Körber Group) Roll out SAP Project

November, 2023

Formate eVo enhances SAP output

Formate eVo enhances SAP output

Garbuio implemented a new SAP project under threat because the UK finance team encountered many issues with formatting MS Word generated invoices. Using Fomate eVo Document Genetics quickly developed the required invoice output using a SAP RDI data feed to avoid costly custom changes. 

Please click here to go to our webpage to download the Garbuio case study PDF (no registration required).

Business Automation Software Blog by Document Genetics

Will ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices work for me?

October, 2023

Free AP Automation Project and Pricing Guide 

This guide to running an Abbyy invoice automation project considers the implications of solution complexity and cost of implementation.

A guide to implementing Abbyy for Invoices frontSubjects covered are:

  • Is ABBYY for Invoices right for you
  • What is Flexicapture for Invoices
  • Header Level and Line Level explained
  • Ballpark cost estimates
  • Delivery of ABBYY for Invoices projects


Plus, Next Steps:

  • We can provide indicative pricing and the scope of your project requirements by completing a short online questionnaire.
  • Details of Onsite Workshops.

Business Automation Software Blog by Document Genetics

Software Automation Robot for AP Automation

September, 2023

Saving Time and Money in Your Accounts Department

­Software Automation Robots for AP AutomationCompanies are screaming out for new recruits and for the first time there are more job vacancies in the UK than unemployed people.*

There’s never been a better time to invest in Software Automation Robots as they work 24 x 7 and never ask for a pay rise!

We extract data from PDFs so we can use the information within your current business systems and processes. Check out our AP Automation software – we aim to give you back 80% of the time you’d have previously spent (manually) processing an invoice.



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