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Automating the Receipt of Sales Orders

October, 2022

Process for Automating Purchase Orders

Over the past decade, there has been a clear trend of moving to electronic transmission of business documents such as sales orders, purchase invoices, statements, etc. Within typical UK companies, roughly 80% of their sales orders will now be received via email in the form of a PDF, XML, EDI or CSV file. Though this has led to many businesses investing in ERP systems, they can still be found printing and scanning PDF orders which wastes both time and money!

By using software such as Formate eVo incoming emails can be captured and identify purchase orders from unrecognised customers and reject them. Next, valid PDF purchase orders can be read electronically, the data retrieved and the product codes substituted (via a database lookup) if required. Non-valid orders can be passed via a workflow process for human eyes to resolve. Valid purchase orders can be automatically submitted to the ERP system via an API, or converted to a suitable file format (CSV, XML, JSON, EDI etc.) for digestion by the ERP platform. Below is a complete diagram of the process!AutoSalesOrdersSchematic


Looking at the future of Intelligent Document Processing

How did document processing become intelligent and what does it mean for your organisation now and in the future?

Document processing has come a long way over the years - from being essentially a production line task that relies on manual data entry via keyboard, to a process that harnesses technologies like AI and machine learning to extract actionable insights from the data within documents.

But despite the progress, organisations still face real challenges when it comes to accessing and extracting data from documents, connecting to processes, and being able to make decisions in a timely manner. Many organisations are exploring intelligent document processing (IDP) as a way to meet these challenges.

According to Gartner, the intelligent document processing market will hit US$4.8 billion in 2022. It's part of the much larger intelligent process automation market IDC estimates at $17.3 billion. So how exactly did document processing become intelligent? And how do the latest technologies impact how organisations can process documents to boost business efficiencies and outcomes?


In brief, document processing is a field of research and a set of processes aimed at making an analogue document digital. It can be manually intensive. For example, faced with a need to process millions of visa and citizenship applications in 2007, a U.S. immigration agency turned to an army of about 1,000 contract workers to handle mailroom and data entry work.

Document-Genetics-GlobeFormate eVo Customer Testimonial - Pertemps Medical

August, 2022

About Pertemps Medical

Pertemps Medical are the recruiter of choice for healthcare employers that hire exceptional medical Doctors, Nurses and AHPs. They specialise in the supply of medical personnel services to the NHS on National Framework Agreements and to private hospitals across the UK. In permanent, temporary, or contract positions, private or public sector, they do their utmost to find the right people for the right jobs.

“After working with Document Genetics on a previous project we decided to look at our internal processes & how we could make these more streamlined. We used Formate eVo Output Management software to automate recruitment & engagement processes for Doctors and Medical Staff making it way more efficient.

Formate eVo software saves us many hours every week, is easy to use and the technical support has been amazing.“

Jordan, Head of Sales Support


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