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Track and Sign Business Documents

May, 2023

Low-cost Digital Signing Cloud Software System

­Why stop signing paper documents and use digital signatures?

Sometimes you look at a product and think “That’s a great idea”, but then other things just get in the way. 

Well, this happened to us. We very nearly parked our digital signing initiative before it started………. but then we decided to develop our in-house solution to track and digitally sign business documents (e.g. proposals, quotes, contracts, NDAs, scope documents etc.).

After lots of fine-tuning and development, Document Genetics have now released infoReadit for general sale. We’re confident it’s an excellent solution and it even has an API to allow digital transmission of documents directly from your CRM or ERP systems.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the marketing budget of Microsoft or Adobe, but we have many loyal customers. So, we’d like to offer you an account for 30 days to try infoReadit for free.

infoReadit low cost digital signing softwareFor more information, follow this link:>  

If you’re interested in trying infoReadit, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements and we’ll create your free account today.

Business Automation Software Blog by Document Genetics

Formate eVo online activation and EOL

April, 2023

End of Life for all eVo 9.xx versions

Formate Evo ERP Output ManagementWith the retirement of Formate eVo 9.7 in 2023 (the last of the versions authored by Trilogic Ltd will no longer have active support. It has therefore been decided to also retire the online license activation endpoint used by Formate eVo in version 9.7 and before.

Unfortunately, we cannot say precisely when this will cease as it is not managed by ourselves, but activation will continue to be available by emailing our Helpdesk*$

Going forward a number of options are available:

  1. Update your Formate eVo installations to eVo 21 or higher – if you do this please take note of the release notes about the steps necessary as you will need to go to version 21 and then update to a later version if required. if in doubt please contact the helpdesk.
  2. Contact the Helpdesk for guidance on how to manually amend the activation URLs held in the settings database.
  3. Use the alternate “Activate by Email” option available.*

*UK Office Hours
$ An un-activated eVo (9.7) instance will run for 48 hours before functions are restricted. With eVo v21 and above, this period is extended to 14 days.

Document-Genetics-Globe.jpgMicrosoft Enforce Usage Rules for Office 365

March, 2023

Microsoft imposes fair usage limitations when sending emails via O365

Looking at some of Microsoft’s O365 sending rules; emails can be throttled after 30 emails are sent in one minute or the limit of 10,000 total recipients in a day. Both can come into play if you send several thousand statements at the end of the month, or even if you are only sending 60-70 invoices within 30 minutes.

Although Formate eVo can help with a number of tools to help overcome this, we felt that you should be aware of Microsoft’s limits and views on the subject. (For instance, Formate eVo can be used to set minimum send intervals and daily email quotas can be used to try to throttle sending speeds. Additionally, Formate eVo can limit the number of emails sent in a day or create multiple connections to address these issues). 

Microsoft imposes the following limits as standard (although we find that the application of enforcement is more variable than defined here). Some limits are hard and some are more flexible:

O365 sending limits

The table above thanks to a Microsoft article (Linked to here)

Microsoft suggests setting up and using authenticated SMTP, with an application password, as a solution – this should still save the email to sent items (Formate eVo v23 will have support for MS Authenticated SMTP connections).

For full details and some options see the links below:

Exchange Online limits – Service Descriptions | Microsoft Learn

How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Learn


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