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Paul, Business Consultant

"We needed a solution which could take our standard ERP output and reformat documents in a variety of ways. Whenever possible we now email invoices whereas we'd been posting over a 1000 invoices per week.

We're now saving over £2000 just on postage and 20 man hours per month."


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Luisa, Managing Director

"Formate enabled us to streamline our back-office processes beyond recognition. Everything was previously done manually, but is now completely automated, which has improved our efficiency, reduced chances of error and significantly enhanced our business offering.


The result is a system that is vital to our business - quite simply we couldn’t do without it."


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Ivan, Head of IT

“We were spending over 2 hrs per day on paper based reports. Using Formate the majority of reports are now issued via email and we’ve removed 95% of the paper based reports.

We’ve paid for the system twice in the first year. We will move to e-billing once the existing invoices have been used, helping to save paper & postage costs.”



Ian, IT Manager

"DG use cost effective, market leading products, which talk to each other in a seamless way. We’ve now got a solution which would have cost 3 times the amount.


It’s amazing how quickly we adopted to the system and within months were reliant on it.”


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Tony, Business Consultant

"Integrating the DG EDMS into our ShipTrak system has been a great success. Archiving historical documents and data, negating the need for large areas of storage space for paper, for us and our clients is a further advantage, plus we are ahead of the game in being able to meet any new compliance initiatives as they are introduced."


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Trevor, IT Director

"We implemented Formate over 6 years ago to format and deliver documents from our iSeries system. Formate has proved to be flexible, reliable and cost effective and it's been a pleasure working with Document Genetics.


I recommend both the product and the company."


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Steve, IT Manager

"The Document Genetics solutions have been invaluable!


We've automated the sorting and distribution of supplier invoices to our members saving significant man hours every week. We also have the ability to deliver them by email, fax or post."


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Gail, Financial Controller

“ParetoPost has been an incredible success. We’ve saved thousands of pounds in postage costs and improved our cash flow.


If we’re chasing a customer for payment, we know if they’ve viewed an invoice and when. It removes another excuse not to pay!”


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Ross, IT Manager

“Formate has enabled us to save costs beyond our expectations!


It has proved to be an intuitive and flexible solution - coupled with invaluable help from the DG team, we have yet to find a task that it cannot be adapted to. We can now consolidate and present data in a uniform way, on which business decisions can be reliably made. We cannot recommend it enough!”


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Luisa, MD

"Electronic storage of documents has become a must in our business. With the expertise of DG, infoRouter has earned it's place as GOD (our name for the PC containing all things DG) the vast amount of mandates were becoming unmanagable. This solution was quick, affordable and easy to use. DG certainly know their stuff...... easy to recommend - no hassle no complications."


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Jeremy, IT Manager

“Since implementing infoRouter into our business we have managed to greatly simplify and improve our document management process. Instead of having to search through archive boxes kept in storage off site, we can now retrieve documents in seconds.


infoRouter is easy to administer and use.”


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Vernon, IT Consultant

“We wanted to replace our manual process with a solution that could provide the same information, delivered to everyone via the intranet. Although many products could provide this, the cost was as much as £120,000. Because infoRouter is web based, we could get the same service for a fraction of this cost.


We are thrilled with infoRouter, in my view it is unparalleled for the price."



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