Document Management Scanning

altMany suppliers sell scanners and lots of companies treat them like any other piece of hardware - sell them cheap, with very little pre-sales expertise and little backup if they go wrong. Document Genetics pride ourselves on our Document Management Product range, expertise and excellent after-sales care.


Document Genetics have a 'one-stop-shop' philosophy for Document Management Software; we ensure that you have the right solution with the right support. No matter how small or big the problem, Document Genetics are only a telephone call away and depending on the level of service!


What separates Document Genetics from catalogue/mail order companies, is our understanding of Document Management Scanning and the backup and service we offer. Our constant review of available products ensures that our Document Management Solutions and associated accessories are suitable for day-to-day heavy-duty use.  Additionally, our independence of Document Management Scanning solutions and the relationship we have with our manufacturers means that we are constantly updated with their latest offerings and enhanced features.


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