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Travelling from when scrolls were methodically kept during Ancient Rome through to the creation of filing cabinets in 1892 by Dr Rosenau, physical paper-based records were made, modified, kept, seen, discussed and recovered. Fundamentally, this involved the reliable production, monitoring, storage and access to files - this is Document Management!

A lot more recently, the massive centralised computer capability of mainframes implied that along with the increasing amount of paper records stored in filing cabinets, businesses developed even more documents, which could be either printed and saved in filing cupboards or stored electronically. The introduction of computer system document scanning devices in the 1980's implied that paper files could be saved electronically in digital archives within centralised pcs. Additional traction for Document Management Systems came as a result of the production of digital and paper records enhancing as calculating modern technology progressed towards a much more circulated design by means of servers and PC's-- although this innovation gave companies along with versatile and efficient business tools, the nature of PC's managed by local area networks methoded that records became considerably circulated throughout the company with differing framework.


In addition to the trouble of papers distributed throughout organisations without an usual framework, there was a lack of variation control, auditing, protection or any sort of reliable procedure to recover paper or digital documents-- this improved the necessity for Document Management Solutions.


Basically, Document Management Software involves the useage of pcs and software to manage, track and store electronic documents and images of paper documents caught by a file scanning device.


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