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Bush Tyres gets a grip of cost savings

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  “ Overall, the project
     has been a great
     success. I estimate
     savings in excess of
     £30,000 per year. ”

        Paul Burton, IT Manager



Formate creates and delivers documents from Bush Tyres' ERP system whilst infoRouter stores copies of all company documents and allows fast retrieval and workflow approval across 20 sites.  Kodak Capture Pro allows the scanning and indexing of PODs and other paper documents.  By emailing invoices Bush Tyres are saving over £2000 per month just on postage costs!  Read on to see how this was accomplished.

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Bush Tyres have rightfully earned their reputation as the leading independent tyre specialist in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Whether providing private motorists with the very latest technology or keeping farmers' tractor wheels turning, Bush Tyres are proud of their "Quality at all costs" philosophy.

A wide range of quality products, available at the right prices, means that Bush Tyres are always able to meet customer requirements. www.bushtyres.co.uk


The Challenge

As a dynamic and fast changing business, Bush Tyres faced the challenge of ever increasing document volumes and new document types.

“Our existing output management product had done a good job but it couldn’t cope the current volumes and didn’t have the flexibility to react to the changing needs of the business. We needed a solution which could take our standard Tyreman ERP output and reformat documents in a variety of ways, this included: changing company logos, adding marketing graphics, barcodes and OMR marks to control our folding and inserting machines.” IT Manager


The Solution

After extensive research and consideration of available document management software solutions, Paul decided that Document Genetics were best placed to meet Bush Tyres’ technical and business requirements.


The Document Genetics solution consists of 3 core components:

  • Formate output management software – this creates and delivers documents from the Tyreman ERP system. It also includes the Formate reviewer module which allows documents to be checked prior to final delivery via print or email
  • Kodak Capture Pro – this module allows the scanning and indexing of PODs and other paper documents
  • infoRouter – this web based document management system stores copies of all company documents and allows fast retrieval and workflow approval across all 20 sites


The Benefits

Bush Tyres have been delighted with the new system, seeing significant costs savings and improved working practices.

“Wherever possible we now email invoices to our customers. Whereas previously we’d been posting over a 1000 invoices per week, we’re now saving over £2000 per month just on postage costs”.

Bush Tyres are also pleased with the ease which they can now react to changes. This was highlighted when they recently bought a new business and rapidly modified their existing documents to reflect the company name change.

The new scanning system has also been a success, proving 4 times faster and saving many man hours per week. 

“We can now scan PODs at 34 pages per minutes and we’re saving 20 man hours per month. This means staff can get on with productive work rather than shuffling paper.”



The infoRouter document management system has also proved invaluable. As its web based any staff member with permissions can access the documents they need, whether it’s a copy invoice, a POD or a training manual.


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