Document Management Glossary

Output Management - is all about improving the way you create and deliver documents from your business or ERP system

ERP - (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management software system controlling all key areas of a business (e.g. SAP)

XML - extensible mark-up language, a structured way of sending and receiving business information

CSV - (coma separated fi le), a simple way to extract/import and share data

PDF - portable document format, the defacto standard for sharing scanned documents

Barcode - a series of black lines and spaces which encode data (e.g. a product code)

OMR (in the context of folding inserting machines) – Optical Mark Recognition, in simple terms little black marks down the edges of documents which provide the means by which a folding & inserting machine can automatically stuff envelopes

OMR (in the context of form recognition) - Optical Mark Recognition is software used to read information from structured forms (Checkboxes, non-framed checkboxes and bubbles)

ODBC - Open Database Connectivity provides a standard software interface for accessing databases

DMS - Document Management System, a managed way of storing and sharing documents

POP3 - mailbox Post Offi ce Protocol, is a simple method to download email from an email server

SharePoint - is a Microsoft development platform to create internal or external websites for sharing information

Work flow - consists of a sequence of connected steps or operations (e.g. approval of an invoice)

Version Control - making sure people view/edit the latest version of the document

Portal - is an introductory web page linking the user to information relevant to them

API - Advanced Programming Interface, which provides access to advanced functions within a software product

Active Directory/LDAP - is a directory service created by Microsoft. Active Directory uses a number of standardised protocols to provide a variety of network services, of which LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is one

infoRouter Subscription and Noti fication - the way by which infoRouter automatically informs users, via email, of changes to infoRouter documents or folders

Fixed form - a form which only allows the user to write data in certain de fined areas (e.g. a bank account application form)

Semi-structured forms - a form with a logical structure but data varies from form to form (e.g. an invoice)

Document classification and Separation - the way by which document types are identifi ed and split up into discrete documents.

Veri fication - allows a user to manually check and edit information which has been collected automatically

OCR - Optical Character Recognition, the method by which software can read characters from a scanned paper document

ICR - Intelligent Character Recognition, is often used to describe software that is used to recognise and capture handwriting from scanned image les

2D barcode - a barcode which holds many times more information than a standard barcode (e.g. PDF 417 can hold up to 2,000 characters)

URL - Uniform Resource Identi fier speci es where an identifi ed resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it. The best-known example of the use of URLs is for the addresses of web pages on the World Wide Web, such as

Meta-data - in terms of documents, this refers to extra information about the document itself (e.g. invoice no., customer code, date, total etc)

Payment gateway - is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorises payments for e-businesses or online retailers (e.g. PayPal)


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