Document Management Issues

e-Billing - “We’re spending a fortune on post, we want to explore ways to deliver our business documents quickly and efficiently."


Electronic Trading - “More of our large trading partners want us to trade electronically, we need the flexibility to be able to receive orders and send invoices in PDF, XML, EDI and CSV formats.”


ERP Document Formatting - “Our ERP system is pretty limited, and it's really difficult to produce the documents we really want – we’d like to add special offers, customised T&Cs, discount vouchers, barcodes and more.”


Product and Pallet Labels - “Our major retail customers are forever changing the specification of their pallet label, it’s a fulltime job trying to keep up – we need a simple tool to allow us to rapidly react to their requirements.”


Sorting and Stuffing Envelopes - “It’s crazy, we send multiple envelopes to the same customer each week and spend hours stuffing envelopes - we need an automated solution.”


Document Management - “We’re storing documents all over the place, laptops, shared drives, USB sticks and we can never find anything - we have no central repository for all of our company information.”


Scanning Paper - “Talk about sinking under paper – we’ve got rooms full of important paper archives and we’re rapidly running out of room. I’d hate to think what would happen if we had a fire."


Shared Drive - “We’ve got an enormous volume of data on our shared drive. We’ve had a number of instances where users have deleted and lost important company information.”


Email Management - “At least 75% of our business communication is now via email but we don’t have an easy way of tying up an email with a customer order, unless of course we print a paper copy of the email.”


Workflow Approval - “Hours are wasted every week shuffling pieces of paper around this business - we need a simple way to route and approve our business documents.”


Version Control - “We’ve had several instances lately where work has been carried out using an old work instruction – we need to make sure everyone uses the latest work instructions and specifications.”


Self Service Portal - “Customers are forever asking for copies of delivery notes and invoices – wouldn’t it be great if they could retrieve them from their own desktop?”


Extracting Information from Paper Documents - “We waste hours every day, re-keying information from paper documents. We need our people concentrating on core tasks, not mundane data collection.”


Increasing Throughput - “Every time we take on a new customer, we practically need a new member of staff to cope with the volume of paperwork being created – we need to work more efficiently."


Visibility of Document Delivery - “The postage strike hit us hard – we need a method to ensure our invoices get to our customers on time, and that they read them.”


Electronic Invoice Processing - “We’re getting more and more invoices sent electronically, we need a simple way to process and approve them, quickly and efficiently, without having to print a paper copy."


Processing Orders - “We get orders in a myriad of formats, fax, email, post, web and telephone. We need a method to speed up the processing and tracking of orders.”


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