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It may be a cliché but cashflow really is the life blood of any business, so an experienced credit controller is worth their weight in gold.
More often than not, most credit control departments are bogged down by paper and struggle to deal efficiently with the sheer volume of transactions.
That's where we can help - we'd love to supercharge your credit control operation and with this in mind, we've built a range of productivity solutions which are incredibly easy to implement and will add thousands to your bottom line.
Intelligent Document Delivery - every time you post a business document it costs your business more than £1. Our intelligent document server grabs the document you print you (e.g. an invoice), reads the account code and decides the best way to deliver them such as Print, Email, Fax or Secure Web Portal.
Traceable Document Delivery – Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know exactly when a customer viewed your invoice? Well you can with ParetoPost™ and if a debtor claims not to have seen it, you can quickly point them at their secure portal or resend the unique document web address. In simple terms you take away their excuse not to pay; thereby improving your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and improving cashflow.
Secure Document Archiving - Storing bits of paper is crazy. Simply put, it's an expensive waste of time. Our infoRouter software automates the archiving of all types of business document (emails, invoices, order acknowledgements, purchase invoices, delivery notes etc.) and allows you to find or resend them instantly from any device with a web browser.
Purchase Invoice Approval - Purchase invoices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some arrive in the post others via emails or even EDI. Next the hard work starts, each one needs registering, checking and approving before payment can be made. To speed this up, we've developed a whole new approach to capturing and approving invoices with our agile routing workflow for Accounts Payable AP Automation.
We'd love to show you how to give control back to your credit controllers - contact us now for a chat or a web demo on 01604 671177.


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