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Val De La Mare

   “ We’ve already made
      significant savings
      in terms of time and
      money and continue
      to make these savings
      every year. ”         

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Formate eVo helps Jersey Water eliminate pre-printed stationery by moving to plain paper.  They now have the ability to change document designs on the fly as well as allow for adding marketing messages to their bills.  Read on to find out how this was accomplished. 

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Dating back to 1882, The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited is the oldest company on the island of Jersey.

Growing to meet an expanding population, Jersey Water now supplies treated mains water to over 90% of the population. They provide a wholesome water supply to their customers and collect untreated water, store it, treat it and then distribute it to their customers’ taps.


The Challenge

Jersey Water deliver 30,000 water bills to their customers every quarter. As a customer facing document, it’s vital the bill is well designed, easy to read and contains all the payment information in a clear and concise manner.

“Like many organisations, we didn’t have much control over the design of our bills as this was handled by our core business system (HiAffinity). We decided to use Formate as our output management solution because it allows us to easily control the look and feel of the bill and its final delivery method.”


The Solution

After reviewing a number of solutions, Jersey Water selected the Document Genetics proposal based on the functionality of Formate, its competitive cost and the speed of implementation.

The Formate project was split into two phases:

  • Phase 1 involved eliminating pre-printed stationery by moving to plain paper and having the ability to change document designs on the fly
  • Phase 2 encompassed adding marketing messages to bills including promoting their “green initiative” which encourages customers to sign up to e-billing



Using Formate has enabled Jersey Water to achieve their objective of being able to generate improved customer documents on plain white paper with the ability to despatch them via post or electronically; this has achieved significant cost savings by removing the need to maintain stocks of pre-printed stationery. In addition, postage costs are now shrinking as more customers elect to receive their bills electronically.

Formate has given Jersey Water control over document creation, together with the ability to generate documents using plain A4 paper as opposed to expensive pre-printed document sets. They can also make changes to their documents very easily together with being able to add targeted marketing messages.


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