Automatically Process Customer Orders

In the last 10 years there has been a rapid move to electronic transmission of business documents (e.g. sales orders, purchase invoices, statements, order acknowledgements etc.). In a typical UK company, at least 80% of sales orders are now received via email in the form of a PDF, XML, EDI or CSV file. Although many businesses have invested in their ERP system, they often still print and scan PDF orders which wastes both time and money!


The Formate eVo Automation Server Agent can be employed to capture incoming emails and reject orders from unrecognised customers. Next, valid PDF orders can be read electronically, the data retrieved and the product codes substituted (via a database lookup) if required. Non-valid orders can be passed via a workflow process for human eyes to resolve. Valid orders can be automatically submitted to the ERP system via an API, or converted to a suitable file format (CSV, XML, JSON, EDI etc.) for digestion by the ERP platform. The schematic below outlines a solution to this problem using Formate eVo software.


Schematic of the Formate eVo Processes for Sales Order Automation

Automating Sales Orders Schematic


We have a similar solution which automates the processing of purchase invoices.


  • Monitor one or multiple email accounts (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for email messagesAI Head
  • Check sender email address against a lookup database and send an email receipt if recognised
  • Check if an attachment is present and process accordingly
  • Intelligently extract order data from a PDF, XML, EDI, CSV, ASCII Text or MS Excel attachments
  • Translate product codes (if required)
  • Update a database table, or ERP system with extracted data
  • Pass original order and meta-data to a workflow or document management system (release scripts written as required)
  • Provide management reports – volume received, no. accepted/rejected, value, volume by customer (can be run daily/weekly/monthly)


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