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No matter how much organisations invest in document management solutions, they still need to capture and index a variety of documents. Document Genetics' approach to dealing with paper is to employ best-of-breed technology depending on the business requirements which can use existing scanners & multifunction devices (MFD’s):


Automatic extraction of barcode data

Formate eVo Barcode Recognition Server is ideal for the automatic extraction of barcode data from images files (e.g. DF, JPG, TIFF etc) created by scanners, MFPs, watch folders or email queues. The barcode information can then be used to split, index, archive or workflow process a document.


Batch Scanning

Kodak Alaris Capture Pro is a versatile scanning solution with support for barcode recognition, zonal/full page OCR, database lookups and manual key from image data entry.


ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture represents the pinnacle of OCR technology and can be used for capturing data (handwritten and computer text) from fixed forms or the intelligent recognition of data without the need for fixed OCR templates. Release scripts can be written to pass documents/data to virtually any ERP system or backend process.


ABBYY FineReader Server

ABBYY FineReader Server is designed for high-volume document conversion and automatically converts large collections of documents into searchable, sharable digital libraries.

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