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No matter how much organisations invest in document management solutions, they still need to accommodate a variety of paper documents. For example, there is often a requirement to capture information from paper purchase invoices and make it available to an Accounts Payable system.


Over recent years, lots of time and effort has been spent on improving document management software and the technology behind scanning and recognition software. The aim of this software is to reliably convert a paper document into electronic text. But no system is 100% accurate and errors will always creep in through all sorts of factors: dirty, crumpled or torn paper, changes to invoice layouts or even scanner faults.


Document Genetics' approach to dealing with paper is to employ best of breed technology depending on the business requirements. We provide low cost solutions utilising scanners from multifunction devices (MFD’s) using the Formate eVo, batch scanning solutions using Kodak Alaris Capture Pro for barcodes and zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR), ABBYY FlexiCapture for single entry barcode and freeform intelligent OCR, and ABBYY Recognition Server as a server-based solution for highly accurate full-text OCR and metadata extraction.


All of these solutions can capture critical data about the document and then deliver it to a database/application for business process automation including kicking off workflow automation, and/or automatically publish it into a document management system such as infoRouter.

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