Complete Integration To Your Business Process

Low code custom development for business automation softwareWith our team's industry-leading software development expertise and technology, we can insure our software works for you. By using thorough and detailed business process analysis, the team can tailor our software to the needs and wants of your business.


We have a team of developers who can assist with integrating our technology into your business process, or help you build a new custom application based on our existing development tools, libraries and expertise.


Because we’re using proven technology, our custom code can be developed rapidly and deployed quickly with excellent inherent reliability.


Here are some examples of the projects we’ve successfully delivered:

  • Self-Service Customer Search Portal – allows customers to quickly find copy documents (Invoices, Credit Notes, POD etc) from a website
  • Digital Signing of Documents – integration of digital signatures into a backend process
  • Graphical search interface – search for documents by clicking on images/photos/maps
  • Custom Presentation Layer for DMS / EDMS – tailor document management to suit your business process and remove  complexity
  • E-Billing / E-Invoicing – integrate secure and traceable electronic invoices into your billing process
  • Non-stock Purchase Order Creation and Approval system – create, approve and track non-stock purchase orders
  • Advanced Capture of Purchase Invoices – capture purchase invoices from paper or email and auto-extract data, then release to a backend process
  • Barcode Recognition of documents – archive documents anywhere in an organisation by simply scanning on a multi-function copier (MFP) using a barcode identifier
  • Mobile Working for Service Engineers – allows engineers on the road to control their job sheets/inspections on mobile devices with electronic sign-off
  • Permit to Work – create, manage and track Permit to Work forms
  • SOP Training - create and manage training tasks
  • HR Portal – allow secure delivery of HR documents to employees
  • Digital Mailroom – capture, process and resolve customer documents/queries
  • Document Collaboration Portal – share and collaborate with your customers and partners via a secure portal with 2-factor authentication and digital signing.
  • Robotic Process Automation Middleware – automatically collect and parse data to your business application. Data can be collected from email, websites, EDI, ERP, database or any backend process
  • Advanced Document Composition – using standard ERP data, create truly customer-focused documents (marketing images, barcodes, signatures, variable T&Cs, product info, special offers) and deliver depending on customer preference

With our continuous customer involvement and feedback, we can work on ways to develop / update software so you can keep moving with the times.


If you’d like to explore a custom development project, please give us a call at 01604 671177 and we can talk through your requirements.



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