Supercharge your mailroom processes

Organisations across all industry sectors and all sizes aim to increase their competitive edge to reduce costs. To achieve this companies need to improve productivity and efficiency and one way is by optimising key business processes surrounding the handling of documents. This is even more important recently due to the increase of remote working!


Based on infoRouter Electronic Document Management Software, our SaaS or on-premise solution for the Digital Mailroom can help make departments more efficient & productive and offers potential for immediate cost savings and a quick ROI.

  • With infoRouter Digital Mailroom, you can have one entry point for all incoming business documents regardless of the format (paper, fax, email, etc)
  • Once intelligently captured an electronic version is classified then distributed to employees through a controlled workflow process
  • Real-time reporting is used to track the progress of documents, eliminating lost post, reducing processing time and speeding up customer service
  • Finally, documents are securely stored/archived and the Digital Mailroom helps you find, share and organise the information you need via any web browser (providing access to all your remote workers).

Document Genetics Digital Mailroom final

Click here for the Digital Mailroom PDF Flyer or here for the E-Brochure


Key Benefits include:

Reduce Operational Overheads

The Digital Mailroom eliminates the circulation of physical paper post; components include scanning, importing, indexing, classifying, reporting & electronic filing. This ensures the reliable and consistent processing of your business-critical documents and information. A key Digital Mailroom application is the archiving of historical, legacy and current documents.


Increased Efficiency

Through automation and the use of intelligent classification technology, the delivery process removes the risk of lost documents and drives efficiency by routing digital mail to the relevant individual or department in a fraction of the time that a manual process would take.


Streamline Operations

Business rules are easily embedded into the workflow engine and key documents are automatically routed throughout the organisation, escalating for approval and authorisation as required.


Return on Investment

These key benefits provide proven cost savings and business efficiencies leading to a return on investment within the first 12 months.


Additional Functionality

  • Increase process transparency and improve internal controls
  • Provides tracking and auditing functionality
  • Compliance and records management
  • Reduced printing, distributing and storage costs
  • Improved internal and external communication

Click here for the Digital Mailroom PDF Flyer or here for the E-Brochure


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