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If you’re running a paper-based Permit to Work (PTW) process you’ll know how much time is spent filling in forms, recording information and checking jobs have been completed. An electronic PTW system makes sense on many levels – however, the majority of the e-solutions available have been designed with petrochemical companies in mind and are overly complex and expensive to buy.

The infoForms e-PTW software app is refreshingly simple – designed to work on tablets or mobile phones, it's quick to implement, cost effective and can be deployed in days rather than weeks!


The Document Genetics e-PTW system removes costly paper-based permit to work processes with an efficient and flexible solution to creating & managing hazardous works. Users can define the body of works required for any permit approval type. Paper work errors are removed and back-office processing is dramatically improved. Plus, workflow delays are reduced by attaching documents such as risk assessments & method statements (RAMS) to e-permits, and by assigning & tracking actions of additional stakeholders.


Download a PDF Permit to Work Software brochure here (no registration required).

The four steps of the e-PTW system are:

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  1. Create the e-PTW process
  2. Complete new e-PTW form on a mobile device
  3. Add required details & sign off the PTW
  4. Finish by creating  a PDF e-PTW Form (Archived for your records)


A real customer example:Alpla logo

ALPLA UK Ltd is a subsidiary of an international plastics manufacturer, specialising in blow-moulded bottles and caps, injection-moulded parts, preforms and tubes. https://www.alpla.com


ALPLA UK identified the need to streamline the creation and management of Permit to Work forms (PTW). The PTW project manager had this to say about the solution: 

“The electronic permit to work (ePTW) system was born out of ALPLA’s desire to move to an electronic process which would allow us to save time, eliminate unnecessary questions and auto-archive permits issued at any of our 6 UK sites.


We searched for an off the shelf solution but found most were geared towards the oil and gas industry, were overly complex and carried a high price tag. We wanted a ePTW solution which was simple to use, quick to implement and with a strong return on investment – with this in mind, we worked with Document Genetics to build the ALPLA ePTW system. This has achieved all of our objectives and has the added benefit, of being able to make rapid changes to the forms, or the underlying process if we need to.


The ePTW initiative has been really well received across all of the ALPLA sites and by our customers/contractors. Paper permits are now a thing of the past and the ePTW dashboard means we can instantly check ongoing works, or review archived permits.”

Matt – Project manager for the ePTW system ALPLA UK Ltd




Step 1 - Create the e-PTW process

 Step1 - Create a e-PTW process




Step 2 - Complete new e-PTW form on a mobile device
Step2 - Complete new e-PTW form on a mobile device




Step 3 - Add required details & sign off the PTWStep 3 - Add required details & sign off the PTW




Step 4 - Finish by creating  a PDF e-PTW Form (Archived for your records)

Step 4 - Finish by creating  a PDF e-PTW Form (Archived for your records)




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