What is Enterprise Output Management Software?

Enterprise Output Management software or ERP Output Management software is a technology which allows an organisation to efficiently design and deliver documents, data or reports from their back end business systems. Most ERP systems have constraints on the design and final delivery of documents - this type of solution allows the flexibility to transmit the right document in the right way.

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Typical applications of ERP Enterprise Output Management may be:

document genetics output management optimized

  • Reformatting business documents to improve the design, add customer specific marketing messages, product information or discount coupons (see example image below)
  • Adding multiple forms templates, company logos or terms and conditions to documents
  • Resorting document streams (e.g. into customer order, picking sequence, or perhaps product type)
  • Incorporating OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) into documents to allow auto-folding and stuffing into envelopes
  • Adding 1D or 2D barcodes such as QR or PDF 417
  • Driving thermal transfer label/barcode printers efficiently in their native language (e.g. ZPL)
  • Parsing data streams from one format to another (e.g. take a print stream and convert to XML)
  • Parsing printer specific data streams from one to another (e.g. Kyocera Prescribe to PCL)
  • Delivery of documents via print, email, Fax, SMS text, EDI, FTP, publish to web sites or document delivery portals
  • Publishing ERP documents with meta-data to document management systems or MS SharePoint
  • Create electronic document formats such as PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, EDI etc.
  • Extracting data from electronic document formats to allow auto import into other systems or processes (e.g. auto extract data from a PDF invoice)
  • Combine data streams from two sources or add missing data by querying a second database (e.g. query a product code to add a product picture)
  • Schedule document processing for certain times or dates (e.g. combine then transmit invoices and statements at month end)

Example of a custom facing document created using enterprise output management (EOM) software as part of a Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy:

document genetics customer facing document optimized

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