Formate eVo as Robotic Process Middleware (RPM)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a popular method to automate interactions with legacy systems which are expensive to customise or don’t have an API. This is achieved by interacting with the user interface via a virtual worker or robot – in other words, we are replicating the human interaction with the system. RPA has a vital role to play where there is no electronic interface (or API) but is an expensive technology to purchase and implement.

The Formate eVo Server Bot is an automated, intelligent service which takes a trigger event (API/Web Service, DB lookup, Web Form, Email), or input data (text, CSV, XML, JSON, EDI, PDF, HTML, Barcode), parses the information required, then prepares it for delivery to another system, workflow process, or delivery mechanism.

In other words, RPM automatically reads and parses data coming into your ERP system (e.g. email, PDF, XML, HTML, barcodes etc) and/or operates on the ERP output, intelligently crafting the perfect customer-focused document, report or workflow process.

Whether you run Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP or any other back-office ERP software, RPM will streamline your ERP processes without complex, time-consuming and expensive custom development.


Could this be your unpaid hero – running 24x7 eliminating manual tasks?


Please download this free e-book about how to transform your ERP Output using Formate eVo as low-cost Middleware for Robotic Process Automation:


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