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As part of your document management strategy, there are compelling reasons to deliver documents electronically, however, if you’re an organisation that has to send large volumes of documents via post then it may be beneficial to automate the way in which your post is fulfilled - fulfilled in this context means the folding and inserting of documents into envelopes.


This is often a labour intensive process which can be prone to errors. It is also possible to save money on your postage charges by pre-sorting post before it’s picked up by the Royal Mail.


Folding and inserting machines are available which will take a batch of documents and automatically stuff envelopes. The more advanced machines have an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) facility. OMR codes often appear as simple lines down the side of a document and can also include some added security which prevents double feeds by the machine (see example below).


 There are a number of benefits to using auto-folding and inserting machines with OMR facilities, these being:

  • Speed up the fulfilment of post
  • Reduce human errors and labour
  • Reduce the number of letters sent by combining more than one document for the same customer into an envelope
  • Easily add document insertions (e.g. price lists or fliers)

Using Formate eVo Output Management Software, Document Genetics have already developed OMR output for many manufactures but are also a Pitney Bowes Authorised Reseller and can therefore supply a large range of folding & inserting machines.


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