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Why Secure Document Delivery?

The timely delivery of documents is vital to any business, be it an invoice so you are paid on time, or urgent purchase orders to buy crucial stock. Over the last decade, we’ve seen a significant move towards the delivery of business documents via email. Whilst significantly reducing cost, an email isn’t the perfect answer – emails can go missing due to spam filters, blacklists or incorrect email addresses


Critical business documents can be delivered in a variety of ways. Emails, postal services and couriers are all methods used that could potentially result in sending sensitive information to the wrong person and/or discharging such information to malicious parties.


So what’s the best solution for e-Billing:

  • Post -expensive, manual and environmentally unsound
  • PDF via email -simple, cost-effective but comes with security concerns
  • EDI/XML –no definitive standard and expensive to setup


Formate eVo offers some extra options for businesses looking to improve security and traceability of the document output from their ERP systems –click on the hyperlinks for more info on each option below:


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