Document Management Systems

Some examples of how a document management company such as Document Genetics can help organisations benefit from document management software and a document management product are detailed below:

Document Management Software

The ability to access and control different document types from a single interface with a document management system can save vast amounts of money and time. For example, our range of document management software manages all of the following document types:

  • ERP documents such as Invoice, Statements and Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Notes and Pick Lists
  • Quality, Safety and Operating Procedures
  • Faxes and printed customer correspondence
  • Technical Manuals, Plans and CAD Drawings
  • HR Documents
  • Emails and Microsoft Office documents
  • Photos, images

Document Management Product

In addition to electronic documents, many companies have various paper documents and extracting the information from these documents permits electronic processing as well as the ability to be stored alongside the electronic documents. For example, a document management product such as a business scanner working with document management software can:

  • Extract information from supplier invoices and automatically update the ERP system
  • Read information contained in barcodes (e.g. delivery notes)
  • Read handwriting on order forms and convert to electronic orders


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